6-Component Force /Torgue Transducer
3-Component Force /Torgue Transducer
Mini-Force /Torgue Transducer
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Mini-Force /Torgue Transducer

Muti-axial foot Transducer
Multi-axial foot Transducer

Mini-Force/Torgue Transducer

Five-axial foot Transducer

 6-Component  Force /Torgue   Transducer

Three-axial foot Transducer

  3-Component  Force /Torgue   Transducer

Mini -Force /Torgue Transducer

Force /Torgue Transducer system is the only mini-foot 1-N 5-axis force sensor, signal conditioner, CAN bus collector, system analysis software composition, designed to precisely measure the feet of three-dimensional micro-regional force, torque and distribution. High sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long-term stability.


The BIOFORCEN Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer model Smart300-100 was specifically designed for the precise measurement of applied forces. The transducer measures the three orthogonal force components along the X, Y, and Z axes, and produces a total of three outputs. The high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long term stability of this transducer makes it ideal for research and clinical studies. The Smart300-100 is easy to use and is available in 100 Newton vertical capacity.

The Smart300-100 model Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics, and general industrial uses. Specific uses include gait analysis, “Romberg” testing or stability analysis, neurological analysis, prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power, and work studies.

The Smart300-100 model Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer uses strain gages mounted on ring structure to measure forces. As with most conventional strain gage transducers, bridge excitation and signal amplification are required. BIOFORCEN’s amplifier is high gain devices which provide excitation and amplification for multiple channels in one convenient package. The amplifier provides the six channels of amplification required by two Tri-axial Transducers. These amplifiers process the transducer signals and provide outputs suitable for an A/D converter so that the data can be stored and processed by a computer.

Each platform is inspected and tested in BIOFORCEN’s calibration facility. The calibration procedure provides a detailed sensitivity matrix and a complete test of all system components, including the amplifier and the connecting cable if ordered together.

Automated data collection and reduction requires a computer and software. BIOFORCEN-Analysis, BIOFORCEN’s software package, is specifically designed for biomechanics applications. It provides quick and easy hardware setup and automated data acquisition and analysis. BIOFORCEN-Analysis allows the user to quickly begin testing rather than take on the tedious and lengthy process of writing data acquisition and reduction routines. The BIOFORCEN-Analysis software package is available separately or combined in one of BIOFORCEN’s Bioforcen Systems.

Systems are complete gait and balance analysis tri-axial transducers systems. Each system consists of Multi-axial foot Transducer, Signal acquisition, CAN bus interface device, Data acquisition and analysis software, all sold at a special system price.

BIOFORCEN also offers special multi-axis transducers to meet your specific needs. Units are available in waterproof versions and various sizes, load capacities, sensitivities, and materials. The transducer with capacities as high as 20,000 Newtons have been made. Contact BIOFORCEN for any custom requirements.


·Fx, Fy Capacity (N): Fx/Fy:10-100-500N;        
·Size:Φ18×11mm   According to customer needs
·Sampling frequency :50/100/200/300Hz

Fz Capacity (N): 1000N
Fx, Fy Sensitivity (μV/[V*N]): 5.5
Fz Sensitivity (μV/[V*N]):2.5

Safe Temperature Range: 0~50OC
Compensated humidity Range: 20~70%RH
Safe Excitation Voltage: 12V DC
Weight: ≤10g
Crosstalk: Less than 2% on all channels
Sensitivity Change with Temperature:≤1%/°C
Fx, Fy, Fz hysteresis: ≤ 1% Full Scale Output
Fx, Fy, Fz non-linearity: ≤ 1% Full Scale Output