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Bioforcen Force Plate 

Product model:JP4040LW

   JP series of force measuring platform is the human body movement dynamics analysis, balance test, gait analysis is indispensable tool, can realize a plurality of test force platform signals synchronous acquisition and analysis, can also be associated with surface EMG testing system, 3D motion analysis system, pressure distribution test system, a variety of sensors and other compatible synchronous use of gait analysis.

Technical parameters:

The range of Fz (KN): 0.2-1-5-10

Length / width (mm): 400 * 400

Scope of application:Joint, balance


Force plate performance
  1 patent structure, stainless steel / aluminum surface, beautiful appearance, automatic leveling, a variety of installation, simple and reliable;
  2 multi-dimensional force platform can simultaneously detect space in three directions of force and moment, two force plates can be synchronous acquisition, can also be used alone, can be combined to calculate the body force, torque, pressure center, center of pressure, friction coefficient, angle, acceleration, speed and so on more than 20 kinetic parameters;
  3 USB data interface, hardware can be synchronous signal input and output;
  4 force measuring platform software function is powerful:, English version of the software; graphic interface, real-time detection of Fx / Fy / Fy / Mx / My / Mz, real-time display of COP point (center of pressure trajectory data), support automatic zero; split screen display, curve can be magnified;
  5 feature extraction and report function: force measuring platform software for peak force extraction, plantar region location tracing, walking cycle phase; drawing parametric curve and can save the data, and print output standard data report and analysis report;
  6 open data output format, according to user requirements to develop processing software and derived to establish processing software and application software is shared between the database or a dynamic link library; and can realize the synchronization function;
  7 systems can be synchronously triggering signal lamp for camera use, support kinematics research; software can display the play video files, so that the application of scientific research and teaching.