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Bioforcen pressure distribution system provides two contact surfaces of the object surface pressure measurement and analysis tools , fast and intuitive characterization of the size and distribution of the pressure


 Product Features:

 Quick and easy access to the distribution of pressure on the surface contour graphics ;

Accurately measured specific surface pressures magnitude ;


Powerful software system for stress analysis and processing , visual display of three-dimensional pressure distribution contour plot , showing the path of the two-dimensional graph , provided the total area under pressure , the pressure to provide customized analysis reports, etc.





Technical parameters:

Sensor dot density: 1 / cm2, 4/ cm2, built-in high-speed acquisition circuit.

Basic footprint : 500mm × 500mm ( including 400mm × 1000mm pressure sensor array 1 , a high-speed acquisition circuit ; can be extended to a longer 500mm × 3000mm, 400mm × 1000mm pressure by the sensor array 7 , composed of high-speed acquisition circuit 7 )

 Sampling frequency :0-100Hz

 Pressure range :0-60N / cm2

Nonlinear : 5% , the system can be corrected

Software features: Chinese version of the software , the pressure -dimensional , three-dimensional map, size of the pressure , the pressure centerline , the maximum pressure point , the size of the contact area , the geometric center of the center of pressure , etc.

Foot expert knowledge can be combined with feature recognition : Flat / high arches , front and back spin , bunions , plantar aspect ratio

USB data interface, data output can open Excel spreadsheet , secondary analysis

 Walk cycle pressure distribution

 Rapid assessment of gait cycle

System components:

Pressure distribution unit : thickness , the film production process, dot densities up 1,4,9 point / cm2, the thinnest thickness of 0.2mm, the basic area of ​​400mm × 1000mm, larger sizes can be integrated , also be designed various shapes.
Information processing acquisition unit : high-speed matrix switching circuit , fieldbus systems , precision timing system and data synchronization method , high-speed acquisition , channel sampling frequency 0-250Hz, USB interface.
Software systems : analysis software to complete real-time multi- sensor information acquisition, display , storage, and implements conventional file processing, contact image depicts , histogram pressure map, map scale , based on the timing of gait parameters , total pressure center path , partial pressure center trajectory calculation and analysis capabilities.
Projects need expert system based entirely on the specific sport training model construction , gait analysis and definition of parameters, characteristic parameter extraction , based on real -time feedback and test data coaching and other functions.