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8-channel wireless EMG


An Electromyography (EMG) use EMG electrodes to pick up the electromyographic signal directly from the skin surface or within the subjects muscle using disposable fine-wire electrodes. Both are typically expressed in SI units micro Volt (mv). The JE-TB0810 model Biomechanics EMG can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics, and general industrial uses. Specific uses include gait analysis, “Romberg” testing or stability analysis, neurological analysis, prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power, and work studies.



The EMG signal from each muscle is individually pre-amplified, band-pass filtered prior to digitization, and then converted to a binary sample for each of the channels. These operations are all performed directly in the subject back-pack to maximize signal quality. The binary information is then sent from the subject back-pack unit, via a single lightweight cable or wireless, to the desktop unit where it checked for transmission accuracy and then converted to an analog signal suitable for almost any analog data recording system. The desktop unit provides full electrical safety isolation for the subject.



The JE-TB0820 model Biomechanics EMG provides excitation and amplification for multiple channels in one convenient package. These amplifiers process the transducer signals and provide outputs suitable for an A/D converter so that the data can be stored and processed by a computer



Each platform is inspected and tested in JUNE’s calibration facility. The calibration procedure provides a detailed sensitivity matrix and a complete test of all system components, including the amplifier and the connecting cable if ordered together.



Automated data collection and reduction requires a computer and software. JUNE-Analysis, JUNE’s software package, is specifically designed for biomechanics applications. It provides quick and easy hardware setup and automated data acquisition and analysis. JUNE-Analysis allows the user to quickly begin testing rather than take on the tedious and lengthy process of writing data acquisition and reduction routines. The JUNE-Analysis software package is available separately or combined in one of JUNE’s Bioforcen Systems



Systems are complete gait and balance analysis EMG systems. Each system consists of EMG electrode, amplifiers, cables, A/D converter, and JUNE-Analysis analysis software, all sold at a special system price.



JUNE also offers special EMG to meet your specific needs. Contact JUNE for any custom requirements.


l   EMG channels: 8

l   High pass filter (1st order): 10 Hz

l   Low pass filter (2nd order): 2000Hz (Butterworth)

l   EMG signal input mode: Raw Signal (±3 mV)

l   EMG signal output mode: Signal (0~2 V)

l   EMG channel sample rate 500~4,000 samples per second per channel.

l   Number of event switches: 8 switches, independent of EMG channels

l  Indicator Lights: USB ok, Status ok


l   Safe Temperature Range: 050OC

l   Compensated humidity Range: 2070%RH

l   Safe Excitation Voltage: 9 V DC

l   Weight: 260g


 Simplified EMG Physical Model