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 Pressure Distribution system-PD4040



The JPD4040 model Biomechanics Pressure Map can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics, and general industrial uses. Specific uses include gait analysis, stability analysis, neurological analysis, prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power, and work studies.



The BIOFORCEN Biomechanics Pressure Map model JPD4040 was specifically designed for the precise measurement of applied forces. The transducer measures the vertical pressure, and produces a total contact result. The high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long term stability of this transducer makes it ideal for research and clinical studies. The JPD4040 is easy to use and is available in 2000KPa.



JPD4040 provide both temporal and spatial gait parameters. It is embedded an array of switches running across and along the length of the mat. As a person walks down the mat, the switches close under the feet, enabling the computer to calculate the timing of each switch closure. Since the geometry of the mat is known, the spatial parameters of gait can be calculated. These amplifiers process the transducer signals and provide outputs suitable for an A/D converter so that the data can be stored and processed by a computer.



Each pressure map is inspected and tested in BIOFORCEN calibration facility. The calibration procedure provides a detailed sensitivity level and a complete test of all system components, including the amplifier and the connecting cable if ordered together.



Automated data collection and reduction requires a computer and software. BIOFORCEN-Analysis, BIOFORCEN software package, is specifically designed for biomechanics applications. It provides quick and easy hardware setup and automated data acquisition and analysis. BIOFORCEN -Analysis allows the user to quickly begin testing rather than take on the tedious and lengthy process of writing data acquisition and reduction routines. The BIOFORCEN -Analysis software package is available separately or combined in one of BIOFORCEN Systems.



Systems are complete gait and balance analysis systems. Each system consists of transducers, amplifiers, cables, A/D converter, and BIOFORCEN -Analysis analysis software, all sold at a special system price.



BIOFORCEN also offers special pressure measured instrument to meet your specific needs. Units are available in various sizes, load capacities, sensitivities, and materials. Contact BIOFORCEN for any custom requirements.


JPD4040 are accurate electronic systems for recording and evaluating pressure distribution under the foot in static and dynamic conditions.

The JPD4040 systems belong to the family of Bioforcen. The systems function with calibrated resistance sensors.


l  require Windows XP operating systems

l  accurately measure foot pressure and body weight in static and dynamic mode

l  start recording automatically when the subject´s foot contacts the platform

l  start from bioforcen databases

llink with bioforcen foot report software


l   dimension (mm)/ 尺寸: 500    x500         x1

l   sensor area (mm)/ 传感器面积: 400 x 400

l   number of sensor/ 传感器数量: 1,600,6400,14400

l   resolution (sensors/ cm²)/分辨率: 1,4,9,25

l   Scan frequency (Hz)/ 采样频率: 100

l   pressure range (kPa)/ 压力范围: 1-5-10-20-100-200-500-1000-2000

l   pressure threshold (kPa)/ 压力阀值: 1%F.S

l   accuracy (ZAS, Zero Administration Security)/ 准确性: ±5-10%

l   hysteresis/ 滞后性: <5%

l   temperature rang (°C)/ 温度范围: 15-40

l   cable length (m)/ 连接线长度: 5

lvoltage DC (V)/ 电压: 12